Track Statement

The Broome Turf Club aims to provide a track that is safe, fair and industry compliant for all jockeys, apprentices, horses and their connections.

Broome Turf Club is in the process of overhauling all aspects of it’s track management and maintenance procedures for the racing season. Issues previously encountered with the quality of the track running surface are being rectified with the assistance of expert Engineers, Scientists and Industry Consultants.

We are seeking to extend our commitment to environmental sustainability by ensuring all aspects of the track preparation are undertaken in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Broome Turf Club with the assistance of it’s partners have recently prepared an Environmental Management Plan for all aspects of track operations, including preparation, maintenance and race-day management.

It is anticipated that the Environmental Management Plan shall evolve further.

The club is fully committed to hosting an exciting race season and look forward to welcoming everyone on course to be part of the action.

Track Consultants and Partners

RWWA – Racing and Wagering Western Australia
Galt Environmental
TICE Engineering

Hoof Note: Galt Environmental has been further engaged to start research into other possible binding substances that may be appropriate for being incorporated into the track running surface.

Research will examine the possible use of white oils, recycled oils, organic dust suppressants and other track surface possibilities.